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We are a company that has gained valuable expertise throughout various industry segments.

Our experience enables delivery of business solutions that embrace all components of your organization. We connect you with the right people, processes, and services.

By partnering with you, we can leverage our knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. We are here to help you #GETNOTICED.



DISCLAIMER: ALL  samples and items listed under EBONY & IVORY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES have been licensed and Trademark through the state of Georgia. Any distribution or duplication of items released by EBONY & IVORY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES will be defaulted to legal action. Thank you for doing business with EBONY & IVORY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. 





Our staff consist of highly educated professionals with over 10 years experience in professional services.



Doctorate of Business Administration & Marketing Leadership

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Education 

 We are excited about the opportunity to help a new business #GETNOTICED. We are also just as excited when we help launch an entrepreneur. We are motivated by your motivation to enhance your Business, your Brand, or your ability to climb the corporate ladder. Tell us what it takes and we will help you #GETNOTICED.


Our staff does what they are required to do by each client without making excuses.


We do not force the perfect plan or solution on our clients. 


We display consistency with what we have said we believe. Our actions are a reflection of what has been said and discussed in our client conferences.


We consider our clients’ interests as more than our own. 

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